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IG Report: Hillary Clinton Ran Child Sex Ring

The Inspector General’s report has confirmed that Hillary Clinton helped run a D.C child sex ring during her time as Secretary of State.  Buried on page 294 of the 500-page report were notes from FBI Agent Coleman, who discovered evidence of “crimes against children” by Hillary Clinton and her Foundation. The FBI investigator claims he debriefed former director […]

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CRONY: Obama-Appointed Judge Seals Fusion GPS Bank Records; Ruling Insulates Obama, Clinton, FBI

She donated campaign cash to Barack Obama. After his election, he appointed both her and her husband as judges. Looks like those moves are paying huge dividends. The federal judge presiding over whether Congress gets to see the bank records behind the Trump Dossier company has placed the financial records under sealed protective order, effectively […]

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California Sneakily Passes New Law That States Beginning In 2020 Presidents Will Be Required To…

In the age of Trump, the biggest enemy to the American people has been California. This coven of vile liberals has tried to oppose the president at every turn. They’ve only succeeded at showing us just how un-American they are. Their latest move is simply ridiculous and will most certainly be overturned. From IJR: As reported […]

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