Patriotic Parents Just Got Sweet Revenge On Leftist School Board Teaching Their Kids Islam

A school board is under fire after announcing the implementation of a mandatory “sensitivity” program for all students, which was part of a plan that originated with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) under the guise of an anti-bullying campaign. Patriotic parents stormed the school board meetings for months, voicing their utter contempt for the bogus program, and now, they just got sweet revenge on CAIR and the pro-Sharia law activists. You’ll love this.

Concerned dad & patriot Charles Wyrick addressing San Diego School Board meeting (left), Stock image of schoolkids bowing in Islamic prayer for representational purposes only (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Screengrab/YouTube)

The liberal nutjobs on the San Diego School Board of Trustees partnered with CAIR to develop a bogus anti-bullying campaign with a mandatory Islamic “sensitivity” program. It’s really a course on Islam taught to kids during Social Studies class, and conservative parents were rightfully livid as they repeatedly addressed the school board over the last six months.

Parents were made aware of the pro-Islamic classes after conservative websites alerted them that what was being implemented was nothing short of Sharia law. There was no evidence of an epidemic of bullying that targeted Muslim students, yet that is what the school board cited as the reason they would be indoctrinating American schoolkids into all aspects of Islam. It’s what’s come to be expected from CAIR, which the FBI listed as co-conspirators with the terrorist organization Hamas.

Hanif Mohebia, Executive Director of CAIR in San Diego, was as delighted as he can be after making history by screwing American culture and our kids. “If we do this right, San Diego Unified School District would be the leading school district in the nation to come up with a robust and beautiful anti-bully and anti-Islamophobic program,” he said, according to the San Diego Tribune.

One concerned dad, Christopher Wyrick, was livid, and he showed up at a school board meeting last April to be heard. Wyrick made national headlines after he gave a passionate speech in which he refused to be shut down when the board members tried to silence him.

Wyrick addressed the school board, saying, “My name is Christopher Wyrick, I’m a father, a husband, and a very, very proud American. I’ve been given many titles in my life, but the one I’ll never accept is the one of ‘infidel.’” Mr. Wyrick was continuing to expose tough truths about the infiltration of Islam in American schools when the board tried to cut him off. He then said these eight words: “You’re gonna have to drag me outta here!” The video quickly went viral all across social media.

That’s all that was needed for conservative attorneys to step in and file a lawsuit on behalf of the majority of parents in the San Diego School District to ban this radical program. Attorney Charles LiMandri filed the suit on behalf of various veteran groups and active military organizations citing CAIR and the fake “anti-bullying” program as going against the parent’s Constitutional rights.

San Diego is a military city and home of “Top Gun,” the Miramar Marine Base (formerly Naval Air Station Miramar). The US Navy calls the port of San Diego home of the 7th Fleet. Camp Pendleton is located just a few miles to the north. The point is, the children in the San Diego School District are the kids of our veterans and active military families, and those parents were not going to allow this bullcrap to go on.

Now, after several months of fighting it out in the courts, Attorney Charles LiMandri had awesome news for the parents and kids. “Under pressure from a lawsuit filed by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, founded by Charles LiMandri, the San Diego School Board is being forced to ‘modify’ their anti-bullying program this week so that it is not an obvious promotion of Islam in the schools,” reports Sonoran News.

The report goes on, “This program was intended to be a model for spreading Islamization to other schools, throughout California and around to the country. So, it is a big deal that Charles LiMandri seems to have brought it all to a screeching halt in just three months.” The lawyers are still negotiating an agreement with the school district, but you can be damn sure this attempt at indoctrinating our American schoolkids is over.

The school board president, leftist Richard Barrera, was livid that “conservative” and “patriotic” Americans across the country help sound the alarm on the leftist board members’ true intent. Barrera was enraged that we characterized his Marxist, pro-Islam brainwashing program as the implementation of Sharia law. A couple of videos went viral with that description, so the entire school board was hammered by American patriots who are fed-up with leftists pushing these un-American programs.

We applaud the parents who showed up and defended their children’s right to an education free from political propaganda or foreign influences. Remember, it was the liberal loons who took court action to take the Lord’s Prayer out of public schools, yet they want our kids to be exposed to Islamic indoctrination. Stay vigilant and informed. Even though Donald Trump is president, we still have these saboteurs who want to gain access to our kids’ hearts and minds. We can all celebrate this one small victory in San Diego, and now, the liberals know that patriots who love the Constitution won’t be fooled by them ever again.